Ergonomic and unique polygonal design to facilitate better viewing and access



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4 hand ports which can be used in different combinations, depending on the procedure. The main hand ports are angled to facilitate optimal and comfortable movements of the hands.

Bronchoscopy and Bougie ports.

Vacuum port, to create a negative pressure environment that constantly clears aerosolized particles.



Completely sealed hand ports with conventional gloves that can be changed for every patient. The Covihood offers complete isolation from generated aerosols. No more worrying about the aerosols escaping from the hand ports
Easy to disinfect and clean.
Ergonomic and unique polygonal design of the case to facilitate better viewing and access.


Key Indications

Intubation of patients for anesthesia or respiratory distress in both controlled and emergency situations especially on those suspected to have respiratory illness.

It may additionally be used as a constant cover on intubated patients to create a mini negative pressure environment and for channelled suction of aerosolized particles.

It may be used as a barrier device during extubation, both for surgery as well as in the ICU.

To facilitate bronchoscopic sample collection and suctioning in the ICU environment
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