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OctoSCAN , a tunnel based RFID Scanner includes Four OCTOwave Antennas, these patented OctoWAVE Antenna creates highly focused narrow beam with circular polarizations. OctoSCAN RFID Solutions has been successfully used in harsh industrial environments. Sensors are used to automatically start the reading procedure only when a trolley or a pallet is in the correct position. OctoSCAN can be adapted to different types of work environments including conveyor belts, work tables and is used to scan garments,pallets, boxes, trollies having FG or RM’s


OctoDESK is a Rugged Industrial high intensity desktop RFID Scanner built with military grade enclosure. The cutting edge electronics and RHCP OctoWave® Antenna The Specialized antenna concentrate RFID readings only on TOP read zone area allowing to carry out READS and WRITES of RFID tags that are presented on the scan area. OctoDESK is used to scan multiple item with a smaller volume.




RFID Device Manager software is a cutting edge middle ware software that communicates to the RFID hardware on one side and ANY ERP on the other side, It integrates easily into any ERP, WMS and enterprise management software. High Speed design is tested for reading 1000 tags per second. This is the only RFID software in the world that can also directly communicate to SAP.


Amazing features at your fingertips

iTrack RFID Device Manager is able to set all the parameters needed to configure the reader for multiple environments. The RFID-DM can be configured for Encoding, Decoding , Process tracking , People Tracking and Defect capturing using included mobile App. Multiple Algorithms are used to provide content awareness to ensure that process control and integrity are enforced . RFID-DM has been implemented in Warehouses, Garment Manufacturing and Tracking in Sewing , Laundry and Finishing and also for Pick and Pack for Multi SKU and Multi Sizes in single box .

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Designed with precision and flexibility


Constructed with Rust proof materials to withstand harsh industrial environments.

Designed as a Solution

Flexible iTrack RFID Device Manager with it logic Engine ensure that your unique process can be mapped and implemented.

Ease of Implementation

Integrated with your existing WMS, ERP, Process Management System, making them RFID enabled. .